Meet the Strategic Growth Team

“Growth” is our middle name—literally. We’re always looking for more talented folk to join the team.

The Faces Behind the Team

We’re pretty darn excited to get to know you.


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Denny Hollick, Director of Customer Marketing

Marc Mcpherson, Senior Customer Marketing Strategist

Emily Matick, Associate Product Marketing Manager

Anca Bujor, Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Pablo Penadés, Manager, Customer Lifecycle Marketing

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Fiona Finn, Director of Product Marketing

Joel McDonald, Technical Partner Program Manager

Sepy Bazzazi, Manager, Customer Marketing

Winnie Jung, Product Marketing Manager

Aurora Lumi, Product Marketing Manager

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Our mission is to create go-to-market strategies that accelerate growth, build differentiation and deliver customer value.
Product Marketing, UX, Product Management, Partnership, Marketing, Customer Support, and Sales.
If you’re interested in joining a highly diverse, talented, and cross-functional team that can have a meaningful impact on both creating value for our customers and boosting the business, Strategic Growth might be the perfect home for you.
Come apply for our open roles here!

Fun Fact:

"I'm obsessed with

iced coffee, and I have

one everyday of the

year, even in winter!"


Fun Fact:

"I've never been to

Costco before!"


Fun Fact:

"My first job was in the

heavy metal music scene.



Fun Fact:

"I have been

bitten by a horse."


Fun Fact:

"I recently moved to

Vancouver from

Amsterdam, and have worked

previously in the Philippines

and Romania."


Fun Fact:

"I am a black belt

martial artist, with over

20 years of experience.

In my prime, I was

the Super Middleweight Canadian

Kickboxing Champion."


Fun Fact:

"I'm a travel junkie!

I've nearly circumnavigated

the globe by ship,

lived in West Africa,

and found myself in

North Korea."


Fun Fact:

"In my spare time I

raise Scottish Highland



Fun Fact:

"I am currently

helping build a school

in Burundi, Africa, through

the sale of fair trade

coffee @jua_school."


Fun Fact:

"I've seen the northern

lights 3 times from

3 different places!"


Fun Fact:

"I love playing guitar

and chess! Wanna

challenge? Hit me up in (@pablocaster) and

let's play!"

In the meantime, feel free to hover over our headshots to hear some fun facts about us!

Tamara Grominsky, Chief Strategy Officer


This could be

your fun fact! :)

You could be our newest Unbounce member!

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The Application

We’ll start by reviewing your resume, cover letter and any other information that you want to share with us. These can include exciting projects that you've worked on in the past, notable achievements, and any other skills you'll want to showcase or highlight that'll make you a great fit for the role. 

We’ll email you to schedule an initial phone interview with one of the recruiters. This is a chance for us to get to know you a little bit better by understanding what you're passionate about, your previous experience, the kind of work you enjoy doing, and it gives you an opportunity to ask us any questions you like. 

Initial Chat with a Recruiter

We'll love to invite you for an interview with the hiring team for the role you've applied for. This could give you some really good insight into what it's like to work at Unbounce and with your potential future Unbouncers. For this portion, we'll normally do two interviews where we'll ask you a variety of technical, behavioural and situational questions to learn more about you. 

Meet the Team

The team will do a debrief and review everyone's feedback before requesting references. We would love to hear from people that have worked with you and know you best such as previous colleagues, supervisors, and managers. Once we're confident that we have the right person for this role then we'll send out an official job offer!

References and Offer

Depending on the role that you've applied for we may either set up a quick 30 minutes coffee chat with the hiring manager to connect with you in a more relaxed environment or we may send you a take-home assignment to complete so you can showcase your experience in this role. For other roles, we may move you straight to an interview with the team. 

Coffee Chat or Assignment

The Interview Process


Fun Fact:

"I am a runner

and likes to unwind

by hitting the trails after work."

Matt Kerby, Agency Partner Manager


Fun Fact:

"This is the

second company that I've

worked at where I'm the first

first US employee."

Chris Frantz, Vice President, Snazzy


Fun Fact:

"I once spent

a summer biking

across the USA."

Adam Kaczmarek, Senior Manager, Snazzy


Fun Fact:

"I only wear black

and white clothes

to over simplify my


Jess Petrella, Group Product Marketing Manager