Meet the Customer Success Team

“Success” is our middle name—literally. We’re always looking for more talented folk to join the team.

The Faces Behind the Team

We’re pretty darn excited to get to know you.


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Praesent ultrices, erat ut rhoncus tempus, ex turpis mattis urna, sed facilisis libero felis posuere risus. Proin quis cursus felis.

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Eloise Lally, Service Support Coach

Oliver Lord, Service Support Coach

Paul Sullivan Manager, Service Support

Lucie Merot, Service Support Coach

Mike McInnes, Service Support Specialist

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Winnie Ko, Service Support Coach

Brittany Lloyd, Service Support Coach

Christina Emmerton, Manager, Service Support

Kelly Paterson, Senior Service Support Coach

Caitlin Quon, Service Support Coach

Got Questions?

We delight our customers with fast, friendly, heart-warming support they can't help but tell their colleagues about.

Supporting our customers when and where (chat, phone and email) they need us.

They look to us to help them with a variety of situations; from updating their account information to more complex situations like troubleshooting and solving technical based issues.

In addition to supporting our customers, you'll find us helping our peers and cross-functional teams with their questions relating to Customer Support, chatting regularly with our managers, attending some engaging meetings to learn more about what's up at Unbounce, and donut chats to get to know other Unbouncers.

Does working alongside a global Customer Support team of over 30 diverse and incredible team members sound great?

Do you enjoy connecting with customers, have a knack for problem solving, and not afraid to tackle technical issues?

Are you a go-getter, who takes ownership of and takes pride in your work?

If you answered yes to all of the above, this team and role might be a good for you!
Sales, Engineering, and Product.
Come apply for our open roles here!

Fun Fact:

"I don't know how

to drive an automatic

car, only manual (standard)."


Fun Fact:

"I watched all

8 seasons of

Game of Thrones

in just 1 month."


Fun Fact:

"I used to be a

Trauma Nurse,

so yes, I have

in fact seen it all."


Fun Fact:

"I would choose to

be a polyglot if

I was picking a superpowers -

that's the ability to speak

and understand any language."

Fun Fact:

"I believe cooking

is the best therapy."


Fun Fact:

"I am a dual

German-Canadian citizen

but I speak better Thai

than I do German."


Fun Fact:

"I'm a theatre and

opera director."


Fun Fact:

"I played bass guitar

in a death-metal band."


Fun Fact:

"I love having pets.

I currently have 3 cats,

2 guinea pigs, 3 birds

and a new puppy."


Fun Fact:

"When I was 18 I

went to LA with my dad

to do a skydiving course,

in the end I did

19 jumps never doing a

tandem so all freefall

on my own."


Fun Fact:

"I've put the same

passport in the washing

machine 3 times, ultimately

I had to get a new one."

In the meantime, feel free to hover over our headshots to hear some fun facts about us!

Angela Lee, Director, Customer Support


Fun Fact:

"I just moved here

from Edmonton and I'm

excited that it won't be so

cold that my face will hurt

when I step outside in

the winter."

Mark Ryan, Service Support Coach

History of Unbounce

Why Work Here | Your Career at Unbounce

Unbounce Described in a Word

We’ll start by reviewing your resume, cover letter and any other information that you want to share with us. These can include exciting projects that you've worked on in the past, notable achievements, and any other skills you'll want to showcase or highlight that'll make you a great fit for the role. 

The Application

We’ll email you to schedule an initial phone interview with one of the recruiters. This is a chance for us to get to know you a little bit better by understanding what you're passionate about, your previous experience, the kind of work you enjoy doing, and it gives you an opportunity to ask us any questions you like. 

Initial Chat with a Recruiter

We’ll love to invite you for an interview with the hiring team for the role you’ve applied for. This could give you some really good insight into what it’s like to work at Unbounce and with your potential future Unbouncers. For this portion, we’ll normally do two interviews where we’ll ask you a variety of technical, behavioural and situational questions to learn more about you.

Meet the Team

The team will do a debrief and review everyone’s feedback before requesting references. We would love to hear from people that have worked with you and know you best such as previous colleagues, supervisors, and managers. Once we’re confident that we have the right person for this role then we’ll send out an official job offer!

References and Offer

Depending on the role that you've applied for we may either set up a quick 30 minutes coffee chat with the hiring manager to connect with you in a more relaxed environment or we may send you a take-home assignment to complete so you can showcase your experience in this role. For other roles, we may move you straight to an interview with the team. 

Coffee Chat or Assignment

The Interview Process


Fun Fact:

"I have 4 dogs in my

life: Tia, Kobe, Hazy,

and Peach."

Priyanka Vallabh, Service Support Specialist


Fun Fact:

"I once won a Tekken

tournament by just

button mashing."


Fun Fact:

"I’ve watched a family

of seagulls grow up on a

nearby roof for the past couple

of months. They know how to

fly now and are almost

ready to leave."

Anna Zharkova, Technical Support Specialist

Gareth Wallace, Service Support Specialist


Fun Fact:

"I used to do

singing telegrams for a job,

one of the past employees was

Michaeul Bublé."

Colin Spensley, Service Support Specialist


Fun Fact:

"I was really into

solving twisty puzzles like

the Rubik's cube back in the

day. I collected over 50 twisty

puzzles that are now collecting



Fun Fact:

"I can fold the

world's smallest paper


Meredith Bird, Service Support Coach

Becky Zhou, Senior Technical Support Specialist


Fun Fact:

"I cook the best

Carbonara ever."

You could be our newest Unbounce member!


Fun Fact:

"I was in a TV

commercial for a local

furniture store when I was

in high school.It still

broadcasts more than 10 years later."


This could be

your fun fact! :)

Alberto Chiorboli, Manager, Customer Success

Jordan Grieve, Senior Service Support Specialist