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Digital Designer

The Unbounce Creative team is looking for a digital designer. A creative role that focuses on crafting compelling interactive experiences, with an occasional pivot towards motion design. We are looking for a designer that loves to tell a story in the digital world.

We are growing Unbounce by doing what we love.



Our headquarters is located downtown, right in the middle of things. Conveniently located adjacent to the waterfront station skytrain exit, with plenty of restaurants, bars, sounds and sights in nearby historic gastown.


Amazing Customers

From startups and small businesses to big brands that you know and love, over 7000 businesses use Unbounce to do better marketing.


Driven Team

Our team is hovering around 75 and we have a rapidly growing user base of savvy online marketers. We’re 5 years old, we have strong growing revenue, and our customers love us.


Awesome Tools

Depending on your needs, we provide an iMac or MacBook with plenty of rendering power for all those pixels. 


Four Weeks Vacation

You heard it here first! We offer an extensive vacation package to every employee -- no matter your job title. You work hard, you deserve a great vacation.


$1000 Vacation Bonus

We encourage everyone to take their four weeks vacation and offer a $1000 vacation bonus to see that you do. Our hope is that this cash helps you explore new avenues and experiences.



We offer a solid work–life balance to keep your mind healthy, and medical, dental, life, and vision insurance for the rest. As an additional perk, we offer a $500 networking budget.


Keep Learning

Keep up to date and improve your skills. Whether it's purchasing books, attending conferences or taking new classes, we encourage you to further your education and unleash your inner nerd.


Flexible Hours

We don’t punch clocks and our reasoning is simple: act like a grownup, get treated like a grownup.  Put in an honest day's work and you can earn some flexibility for when and where you do it.


Work Ethic

There is a common thread amongst all of us at Unbounce and it's our drive to create the best possible product and experience for our customers. We're a startup that has gotten to where we are with hard work and a strong work ethic. As a result, we enjoy an awesome culture and some great perks that make it all worthwhile.

Sound like a fit?

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The type of person we're looking for

2+ years of design experience (or a talented grad)

Someone to join the Unbounce Creative Team to work on brand efforts such as our company website, epic interactive "big content" pieces, ebooks, promotional videos, conferences/events and landing page templates.

You drool over the idea of working for a successful SaaS startup

You see design as a process to solve challenges

Your eyes have grids on them, you are fanatical about typography, and you bleed every colour under the rainbow

You have a fluid ability to design in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects (knowledge of In-Design is a plus)

The ability to hand-code your designs into valid HTML and CSS with pixel-perfect precision is a plus

You're not a drama queen/king

Your Responsibilities

Work with creative director and art director building exceptional web experiences

Be involved in the brand new website redesign

Create landing pages using Unbounce for a multitude of brand initiatives

Work within established brand guidelines and develop image styles and typography

Produce finished work in accordance with pixel perfect standards set by the Art Director


Don't send us your resume, we'll just delete it. They’re boring to read and we know you can do better than that.

Create and publish a landing page in Unbounce, including:

Links to your LinkedIn, Twitter profile and/or personal website.

Examples of companies you've work with and some details of work performed/success achieved. 

3 examples of websites that you think are doing exciting work

What you find intriguing about working at Unbounce.

Why you think we should hire you.

Your Rockstar name (ask the internet)






If you haven't done steps 1-3 yet, do not pass Go and do not click the button below.

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This position is open to candidates in Vancouver

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