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Data Scientist

We are looking for a Data Scientist to help us blaze some trails and join our growing efforts in data science, machine learning and predictive modelling. You’ll combine techniques in NLP, image analysis, deep learning and more to touch nearly every aspect of the business and be a champion for data driven culture.

We are growing Unbounce by doing what we love.


Work Ethic

There is a common thread amongst all of us at Unbounce and it's our drive to create the best possible product and experience for our customers. We're a startup that has gotten to where we are with hard work and a strong work ethic. As a result, we enjoy an awesome culture and some great perks that make it all worthwhile.

Sound like a fit?

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A Little Bit About You:


  • You have experience with and thrive working on large projects independently and as a member of a small, accomplished team.
  • You are not afraid to push back to find the best solution.
  • You relish working in a fast-moving, challenging and collaborative environment.
  • You love the challenge of breaking down large, difficult problems, acquiring new knowledge and iterating.

What impact will you have on Unbounce?

  • Working with our R&D team, you will be able to apply machine learning to automatically improve customer web page conversion rates.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to build customer-facing products that utilize machine learning. 
  • The data and predictive models you use and create will drive important business decisions.
  • You'll be supporting our internal testing program to ensure we make key decisions from a data driven perspective.
  • We currently use an advanced Bayesian testing methodology.
  • You’ll act as a mentor for all things statistics and data science.


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This position is open to candidates in Vancouver.


Let's talk logistics. Are you located in Vancouver or Montreal? Are you a Canadian Citizen or a holder of a valid work permit?



We’re headquartered in downtown Vancouver, BC, and have a growing office in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood. Both are right in the middle of transit, restaurants, bars, and plenty of other sights & sounds.


Amazing Customers

From startups and small businesses to big brands that you know and love, over 12,000 businesses use Unbounce to do better marketing.


Driven Team

Our team is hovering around 140 and we have a rapidly growing user base of savvy online marketers. We’re 6.5 years old, we have strong growing revenue, and our customers love us.


Awesome Tools

Depending on your needs, we provide an iMac or MacBook with plenty of rendering power for all those pixels. 


Four Weeks Vacation

You heard it here first! We offer an extensive vacation package to every employee -- no matter your job title. You work hard, you deserve a great vacation.


$1000 Vacation Bonus

We encourage everyone to take their four weeks vacation and offer a $1000 vacation bonus to see that you do. Our hope is that this cash helps you explore new avenues and experiences.



We offer a solid work–life balance to keep your mind healthy, and medical, dental, life, and vision insurance for the rest. As an additional perk, we offer a $500 networking budget, and a $500 health & wellness allowance.


Keep Learning

Keep up to date and improve your skills. Whether it's purchasing books, attending conferences or taking new classes, we encourage you to further your education and unleash your inner nerd.


Flexible Hours

We don’t punch clocks and our reasoning is simple: act like a grownup, get treated like a grownup.  Put in an honest day's work and you can earn some flexibility for when and where you do it.

What you can learn in this role:

  • You’ll be exposed to machine learning techniques on unstructured web page data, topic modelling, other NLP techniques and convNets to name a few.
  • Dig deep with advanced experiment design utilizing state-of the art sequential Bayesian techniques.
  • Tackle user behaviour modeling.
  • Participate in large-scale project planning and stakeholder education.
  • Building your knowledge around different techniques - we’re always open to exploring other options!.

Your experience includes:

  • MS or PhD in a quantitative field (e.g. physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, economics...), PhD or relevant long term research experience preferred.
  • Working knowledge of SQL, familiarity with one or more NoSQL implementations a plus.
  • Extensive knowledge of either R or Python and their associated data science/machine learning packages.
  • You have knowledge of basic experiment design and are comfortable running split tests.
  • You have a foundation of knowledge in machine learning: understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning, knowledge of several algorithms in each, loss functions, regularization, bagging and boosting.
  • You have a solid understanding of fundamental statistics and mathematics: inference, Bayesian methods, likelihood estimation, decision theory, Monte-Carlo methods and sampling theory; multivariable calculus; partial differential equations; numerical integration.
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